Dino Rinaldi grew up in Port Jefferson on Long Island, New York. He studied art at the University of South Florida which lead him to his first job as an illustrator with childhood friend and illustrator extraordinaire, Anthony Freda. While delivering an art portfolio to a client he was offered a job on the spot as a sales representative in the advertising business. He put the brushes down and spent his time creating television commercials.

After settling in, he picked the pencils and brushes back up and for the past twenty years, while in the ad business, he spent his evenings and weekends attending the Art Students League of NY. “I couldn’t get enough of the classes and the atmosphere”, says Dino. “The school has taught such artists as Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keefe, and Norman Rockwell, who both studied and taught there”. He studied under many talented and renowned artists and teachers including Nelson Shanks, Costa Vavagiakis and Efraim Rubenstein. “These teachers are such amazing artists, and really take a strong interest in leaving their legacy through their students. I learned so many new techniques from their wonderful classes.”

Dino has received numerous awards from The Art Students League class shows.

After 25 years in New York City, Dino moved back to Setauket, Long Island, the small village next to Port Jefferson, where he lives with his wife and daughter in a nature preserve right on the water. “It’s the most beautiful place to have a home and of course a studio, and a wonderful place to raise our daughter. “.

Dino’s art can be found in many collections around the world. He is best known for his graphite powder horse and dog drawings, though his realistic still life paintings have also been praised for their beautiful use of light, color, and realism.